To the lovely anon who asked how I made this.

♦ Brace yourselves, my english sucks.
♦ I’ve included a psd of the effect, download it! I’m sure it will be way more useful than my tutorial *///*
♦ Please take this tutorial as a simple guide line, don’t reproduce exactly what I did. Try something different and new. You can personalise you texts as much as you want!

1. Open your file and create a frame animation. The final number of frames will depend only on you and on the lenght of your text. I usually proceed frame by frame, so I start with the first. I give it a 1sec timing (because I want the text to be readable) and I write the text.

2. Now duplicate the first frame

and change the timing to 0,05. Then select the text layer and move it a bit to the right, or to the left, a little higher, wherever you want.

3. Now duplicate the second frame. Do not change the timing (it has to be 0,05), and then duplicate the text layer clicking CTRL+J. Rasterize the new layer and apply a filter you like, as for me, I used Pixelate -> Mosaic (cell size: 2px). Remember to hide the first text layer!

4. Repeat the last paragraph (new frame, new text layer copy, mosaic filter), now make cell size 4px. Move the new layer a bit wherever you want - just a few pixels.

See how it slowly takes shape? c:

5. At this point, you just have to repeat two more times what you’ve already done. Keep creating new frames, moving the text layers a bit. As for me, I have a six frame animation like this

6. Now we’re gonna proceed with the second part of the text. I wrote “tutorial” and set the layer visible on a new frame. I give this frame a 1sec timing, just like the very first I created. Then proceed the same way, create new frames and duplicate the text layer, change its position (you can also change opacity), add filters (this time I used stylize -> wind).
As for the last layer, it’s not a filter what I used.
I copied the text layer, then click edit -> transform -> skew

For any question feel free to ask. Bye! <3

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